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  1. April All Natural Day 11 + 2 New Recipes!

    April 12, 2015 by pb&v

    I had all intentions of making this a lazy day, but I ended up spending the majority of the day doing homework and chasing around an energetic Rory. I also intended on doing a nice long run in the morning, but got a little over a mile in and my hip started to hurt, so I immediately turned around and went home. No hip bursitis for me! One good thing about the morning though is I changed up my oatmeal flavor, *gasp*! And I mean I completely changed it up… I made carrot cake oatmeal! I probably added way too many carrots, but hey, you learn from your mistakes. I also probably should’ve measured the shredded carrot before I just threw it all in the pot…

    I’ll still give you the recipe though because I thought it was deeeeee-licious. Although, not very braces friendly.

    Carrot Cake Oatmeal



  2. April All Natural Day 10

    April 11, 2015 by pb&v

    10 days down, 20 to go! Not that I’m really counting down or anything, I’m having fun with it. I enjoyed my Friday by sleeping in (until 6:45 :P) and relaxing in front of Netflix while I ate breakfast, which was banana bread oatmeal as usual! We had a pretty busy day out in the garden and I’m really wishing we had taken before and after pictures. We weeded the bed along our fence (which is quite a big bed), took out some bushes and little baby trees from the same bed, weeded the bed along the shed and in the center of our yard, and took out some bushed beside the shed as well. It may not sound like a lot, but we spent all day out there! Rory even thought he would help us by running along the fence as fast as he could and digging some nice big holes for us.

    We took a break around 12:3o for some lunch, which was just a “clean out the fridge” kind of meal. My mom and I split the last of the soba noodles, which we drizzled with the last little bit of peanut sauce, and the rest of the stir fry from the night before. It was a super yummy lunch and perfect for fueling the rest of our afternoon. I didn’t take a picture of it though because I was starving and wanted to dig in immediately.


  3. April All Natural Day 9 and Banana Bread Oatmeal

    April 10, 2015 by pb&v

    Day 9! Another Thursday, which means Chemistry at 8am again… but it also means I finished classes at 12 and got to spend the rest of the afternoon hanging out with the coolest mom ever. Since day 9 wasn’t particularly interesting (we spent the afternoon out and about because it was a cold and yucky day, not ideal for gardening), I’ll give you a little post about how I prepare my breakfasts and lunches throughout the week!

    My breakfast is 9 times out of 10 some flavor of oatmeal. As of now you’ve probably caught on to what my top 2 favorite flavors are. Those are my favorites because apples and bananas are 2 fruits that I just absolutely love. Occasionally I’ll make blueberry or strawberry. Peach hasn’t been made in a long time because I used up my whole bag of chopped peaches from the freezer already! I need to pace myself next time and not eat them all so quickly. Or freeze 2 bags of them instead of 1… I think I like the second option better. I decided to have banana oatmeal before class because it’s a lot quicker than the apple one since the apples need to be washed and sliced, then chopped. Plus, the banana one keeps me full longer, which is a plus since I eat around 7:15 am and don’t get home for lunch until 12:15 or later. So here is my basic banana oatmeal recipe:


  4. April All Natural Day 8

    April 9, 2015 by pb&v

    I feel like these posts are starting to get a bit boring. I honestly don’t really do much on weekdays other than go to school, homework, and Rory wrangling. Wednesdays are long days just like Mondays, but instead of being in Chemistry lab for 3 hours, I get to sit in Earth Science lab for 3 hours. Although yesterday we got finished an hour early, so that was pretty exciting for me :P. Oh, and we talked about animal rights in social ethics, which mostly just made me mad. I have a hard time wrapping my head around people putting “humane” and “slaughter” in the same sentence… maybe that’s just me. I won’t get too far into that discussion though because I’m sure you don’t want to sit here and read a nice long rant about animal rights. There are plenty of those already out there.

    So anyway, I started the day with my usual oatmeal with bananas, raisins, spices, and molasses. I think I love this one so much because I’m so addicted to bananas. And I only recently discovered how much I love molasses, so I’ve been putting it on almost everything I eat for breakfast. It just makes a warm bowl of oatmeal 10 times more comforting for some reason. Maybe because it reminds me of Christmas cookies…


  5. April All Natural Day 7

    April 8, 2015 by pb&v

    Day 7 was a tad more interesting than day 6 because I was only at school from 7:45 until 12:15, so I got to do stuff when I came home! For some reason when signing up for spring classes I decided it was a good idea to take chemistry at 8 in the morning. Don’t do it. While I am able to stay awake for it, my brain has already reached its capacity by the time my next class starts. At least I have a good 30 minutes in between to recuperate, right?

    My day started off with a quick run and some apple pie oatmeal because, when you love a certain food (and it’s healthy), why not eat it all the time? Plus oatmeal keeps me nice and full until I get home for lunch, so yay oatmeal! Once I got home I had a big ole’ soba noodle salad and man it was delicious. It’s been so nice outside that my mom and I sat out in the backyard and ate our lunches in the sunshine.


  6. April All Natural Day 6

    April 7, 2015 by pb&v

    Ok, so I lied. I hoped that by posting the days like this I might be able to keep up with them a little better, but alas, I am a busy college student. I’ll still keep posting them like this though because it makes a bit more sense in my head :P. So anyway, day 6 wasn’t really anything super special other than me constantly flipping out about having such a great response to my vegan mayonnaise recipe. You guys rock. It wasn’t really an exciting day because I spend my Monday’s at school from 8am to 3pm when I have Social Ethics lecture, Earth Science lecture, and Chemistry lab. Yay learning.

    For breakfast I had the usual banana oatmeal because I can’t stop eating it and I don’t intend to either. On Mondays my Earth Science lecture ends at 12:15 and my Chemistry lab starts at 12:15, so I usually end up popping a large sweet potato in the oven while I eat breakfast and taking that along with a couple of oranges to snarf down on my walk between classes. Once I got home I played in the backyard with Rory and made myself a fantastic chocolate, peanut butter, and banana milkshake and slurped it down too fast to get a picture.


  7. Homemade Vegan Mayo with Aquafaba

    April 6, 2015 by pb&v

    OK, so I already missed a post, but it wasn’t on purpose. Plus, day 4 wasn’t all that exciting because I got addicted to those soba noodle salads and have basically been eating them for every single meal except breakfast. Day 5 however, was extremely exciting! I even switched up my oatmeal flavor in the morning! Ok, so I only switched it up because I ate all the bananas, but it still counts. I got the hint though and we got 3 bunches of bananas for the week instead of just 2, which got us plenty of weird looks at the store, but who cares.

    So anyway, back on track. Yesterday I had some apple pie oatmeal for breakfast, then my mom and I headed out to do our weekly grocery shopping. Every Saturday we sit down with a notebook and write out a list of 7 dinners and a grocery list to go along with them, including any other household staples, like bananas ;). This is our way of budgeting and so far it seems to be working out really well. With the exception of our loading up on Whole Soy yogurts (no, I haven’t been eating them this month, but you bet I was that last week of March!) because they are going out of business and we are devastated.


  8. April All Natural Day 3

    April 4, 2015 by pb&v

    So I’ve decided to post each day of April All Natural the next day, if that makes any sense at all. So, day 3’s post is going up on day 4, day 4’s will go up on day 5, and so on. So I’m not considering this to be a skipped day of blogging or anything ;). Anyway, day 3 went really well, I’ve been loading up on so many fresh fruits and vegetables, so I have so much energy. It helps that the Mother Nature has finally realized it’s spring and we’ve been having such nice weather. It even got up into the 80 degree range today! In addition to having a ton of energy, my acne is starting fade away again, which is fantastic. I really couldn’t care less if there’s a big red dot on my face, I only care because those things are painful! The only thing I’ve been having trouble with is remembering to drink water throughout the day. I usually have about 2 cups of water after my run in the morning before breakfast, but then I completely forget water is even a thing until dinner time! I need to attach a water bottle to my side or something, so I always remember to take a sip throughout the day.

    I realize that I haven’t really actually posted what we’ve been eating, so I’ll give you a little run down of what day 3 looked like:


  9. April All Natural Day 2

    April 2, 2015 by pb&v

    Yesterday we told my dad that we wanted to try doing an unprocessed month and he was not too excited- he is not a fan of our unprocessed challenges. We don’t make him play along, but he can if he wants. I actually started a bit early and stopped eating sugar and processed things on March 30, which really isn’t that much of a head start, but it means I’m seeing differences already. I actually wanted to get up for my run this morning and have had tons of energy all day. Enough for a long walk to play at the park with Rory, getting some homework done, and making various foods. Yay! I think the only problem we’ve had so far is being a tad bit hungry, but that just means I get to make some delicious afternoon smoothies, so that was an easy fix.

    Since we didn’t really prepare for a whole month of completely unprocessed (we only prepared for cutting out sugar for a week, really), I had a bit of preparation to do. After I got home from class I grabbed the bag of almonds and got those suckers soaking in some water. Almond milk is a staple in our house, so I wouldn’t really even know how to function if it wasn’t in the fridge. If you want to cut down on the soaking time for almonds (or any nuts), just bring some water to a boil and then add the nuts. They’ll only need to soak for a couple of hours instead of overnight, which is perfect because I’m extremely impatient and needed the almond milk right away!


  10. April All Natural

    April 1, 2015 by pb&v

    Now that it’s April, I think it’s finally starting to feel like spring around here, we even have flowers blossoming! All that cold weather made us really just want some junk food, so we’ve been enjoying some cupcakes, cookies, donuts, all kinds of sugar filled goodness. Not to mention all those meringues and macarons! I have gotten to the point where I just can’t take it anymore. All I’ve been craving is fresh fruits and veggies, my face broke out in horrible zits, I’ve been tired and groggy, and overall just not feeling too hot. I knew the solution was pretty simple, just stop eating so much junk! We actually rarely even have tons of junk food in the house, we just happened to be feeling a little more indulgent lately. Plus, when your hobby is baking and cooking, it happens.

    We originally decided to just cut out the sugar and processed stuff for a week or so, but then we figured we might as well have fun with it and go for a whole month eating 100% whole-food plant-based. This isn’t really anything new for us, we just usually do it in October, which is arguably one of the worst times to do it if you ask me. I mean come on, how am I supposed to resist all the fun fall treats (including Halloween??)! Warmer months are the way to go- all kinds of fresh fruits and veggies that are actually in season. Thats my kind of heaven.