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May, 2016

  1. Sir Kensington’s Fabanaise Review

    May 26, 2016 by pb&v

    Just over a year ago, the magical powers of aquafaba were discovered. Just a handful of crazy vegans pouring bean juice in a mixer and seeing what could be done. I remember spending almost my entire spring break last year playing with this magical liquid testing what its limits were. I researched and talked with others about our various experiments, posting everything in the, then small, Facebook group. It was such an exciting time being a part of the discovery and experimentation of aquafaba.

    One of those experiments was seeing if the aquafaba would emulsify just like eggs when making mayonnaise. It seemed like a bit of a long shot since aquafaba doesn’t have the exact same properties as eggs, considering it doesn’t have a yolk, but we gave it a try anyway! That recipe has now made its rounds on the interwebbies and it’s been so cool seeing it featured on so many other’s blogs and websites. I never thought the recipe would end up being so popular!

    Homemade Vegan Mayo